I Become a Painting | imagic Palette

Some of my favourite makeup looks to do are the ones where I am either inspired by, or am trying to recreate an actual piece of artwork. For instance, this was a water colour inspired look that I did recently, completely without any prior thought…I just slapped the colour on my face and I loved how it turned out!

This makeup was a bit more deliberate and based on the artist Rowan Newton’s style of paintings. They’re bold, vivid and absolutely magnificent. I’m not sure I did them proper justice, but I gave it a fair shot. Prior to this I always thought that the more ‘messy’ styles of artwork were easier to do, because one didn’t have to be careful of lines, etc, but goodness was I proven wrong. It’s incredibly difficult and I have an even greater respect for these artists that create pure works of beauty simply from their imagination.


  • MAC Face & Body Foundation C5
  • LA Girl Pro Conceal Medium Beige
  • Essence All About Matt translucent powder
  • imagic Palette (eBay MUFE flash palette Dupe)
  • Freshlook coloured contacts Grey

Contacts, foundation and concealer


Added in the brows and the flick of black liner


All done!



I should do a series of artwork inspired makeup as paintings truly are some of my favourite things. In fact, my bedroom is turning into a bit of a gallery. Every time I walk into a museum, I feel so privileged to be able to peruse such beautiful things and to know that somebody (the artist) stood as close to them while creating them as I get to stand now. Anyways, let’s not get all mushy and philosophical, here‘s another makeup I did inspired by the work of Luiza Vizoli.


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