NEW Maybelline Colour Blur ‘Partners in Crimson’ | Swatch & Review

I’m currently on a no-buy until the end of September when I go to IMATS in Toronto…however, just like the bad girl that I am, I broke slightly when I saw the new Maybelline Colour Blur matte lip pencils in store. I mean, we usually don’t get new releases so quickly…and the colours look fantastic! I caved, and purchased the colour Partners in Crimson.

Price: CAD 9.96 + tax (Walmart)


The Packaging: It comes in a sleek dual ended pencil, with one end being the smudger. The interesting thing about this is that to twist the pencil up, you must twist the end with the smudger, as the body of the pencil does not budge. Furthermore, don’t be alarmed if the tip of the pencil does not look pristine, it has a slightly bumpy look (like air bubbles burst, or like coral in the sea). Speaking of the product itself, I love the shape of it. Rather than coming to a point akin to a traditional pencil, it is flat on two sides and narrow at the top. Great for precision and less likely to dull down.

PicMonkey Collage

The pencils are meant to achieve the Korean trend of popsicle lips (most colour on the innermost portion of the lips). Above, I have demonstrated this trend, and the bottom picture is the colour applied opaquely.

The Formula: I was quite pleasantly surprised by this formula, ’twas very smooth and pigmented in one swipe, and when I desired to blend it, it blended out easily. On my dehydrated skin, it felt drying at around the 6 hour mark, but not unbearably so by any means. I was also very pleased with this product’s longevity, as you will be able to see in the wear test below.

First Impressions Wear Test

Apologies for the poor quality in lighting! I had to work, therefore these pics were mainly taken with my phone.

P1140514 copy

12:30 – first application, in keeping with the popsicle/ombre Korean beauty lip trend


1:00 – …looks exactly the same


5:00 – after work, eating lunch and drinking water. Colour is still intact!


6:00ish – ya know the drill, the stain is still there. It is starting to feel a tad drying at this point however.


7:30 – I didn’t need to reapply but I wanted to see what the colour looked like applied in a ‘traditional’ manner

P1140530 copy

8:00 – just some better lighting. The colour is weightless, almost transferproof and long wearing, and quite matte


10:00 – After dinner and prior to makeup removal. As you can see, the colour has help up impressively well! It is only slightly drying but the longevity is its selling factor. I love the colour and now I also love the formula after this first impressions. I don’t anticipate my opinion changing on it!

All in all, I’m quite a happy camper, and once my no-buy comes to a close, I will be picking up another shade (possibly Berry Misbehaved)…oh god, my makeup wishlist is getting ridiculously long!


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