First Makeup Item Ever Purchased | Ombre Eyeliner

Looking back, I can see that I had a fascination with & a love of makeup at a very young age. I remember that for my 7th (or thereabouts) birthday my sister gave me a sparkly lipgloss (probably Wet n Wild or Bonnebell or Lipsmackers) and I was hooked! Then at 10(ish) I tried on eyeshadow (my sister’s once again) for the first time. ‘Twas her golden, cream eyeshadow pot. Again, not sure what the brand was and I don’t think they make it anymore but I loved that as well. Too bad I had noooo idea how to apply it or keep it crease-less (I was not aware of the wonder of an eye primer back then).

I can distinctly remember the thrill of going and purchasing my very first eyeshadow (with a gift card given by my grand uncle) and going through the aisles of Zeller’s and seeing all the pretty colours. I finally decided upon the colour that was probably most difficult to wear…blue/teal/turquoise. In fact, I can’t remember when I actually did wear it! Maybe I just liked looking at the pretty thing. In hindsight, I should’ve chosen a more natural colour…but what’s the fun in that? When you’re young, you should have all the freedom to play and make mistakes with your makeup. Plus, it seems that blue is a very attractive eyeshadow colour to young girls.

So what did I end up with, you ask? Well, Maybelline, a brand I still use and love today (see here for proof of that) was the brand I chose. I came home with the Expert Wear Eyeshadow in the colour 155 Turquoise Jewel. It’s quite a pigmented colour but it has the tendency to transfer to the crease of my lid, because I have hooded eyes. It’s a blue teal shade and when it hits the lights it reflects back with miniscule silver particles. ‘Twas perfect for a look such as this which remained modern, because blue can be a very ‘dated’ colour!

Here’s a look of me using this shadow now (with age on my side and a few more skills in applying makeup)!

Product List



What was the first ‘big girl/boy’ makeup item you remember purchasing? Or when was the first time you wore makeup (lipgloss, etc)?


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