Rimmel Lip Velvet | ‘Orangeology’ 

There seem to be new products coming out left right and center! I barely blink and there’s a new release, and while this product might not be ‘fresh, hot off the press’ new, it has not been long since it has graced us with its presence on drugstore shelves (particularly in Canada).

Price: USD 5.47


Colour + Finish

Orangeology, like its name, is a bold, vibrant orange that that has a tinge of red in it. It goes on with a sheen and dries down to a satin finish, not a true matte such as a Coloured Raine lip paint would. It is not transfer proof, and the colour will fade slightly after eating. These might be negative points to some, however on the flip side, this also makes them more moisturizing than a true matte lip product. One thing to be aware of with this product is that after a little while, it tends to bleed into the lines around the mouth very faintly. So if you have that issue, wear a lip liner or blot the lips, etc. All that being said, it’s a fabulous colour for summer or to liven up an outfit anytime of the year. Oh and as a final note, it does not have the nauseatingly sweet scent that the regular Rimmel Apocalips have, thankfully!


Much like the Apocalips, it has a doe foot applicator that carries enough product upon it to coat the lips (at least mine, which are averagely sized) without needing to dip back into the tube. The cap is matte however in order to distinguish the two products.

Try a Lip Velvet for yourself! If such a bright colour is not for you, Rimmel also has a gorgeous deep berry shade and a neutral mauve-y pink shade.


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