Golden Alien Goddess | How to Cover Brows (Erase Brows)

I spotted some sequins at Dollarama, as ya do, and had the uncontrollable urge to get them onto my face. This is what became of that impulse…


Every once in a while it’s interesting to see one’s face take on a different shape, as it does without brows. It’s certainly an eye catching look! Not that my parents noticed…I asked them what was different with my face and they said the sequins. It certainly made me laugh because now I know they’re used to my odd antics! Anyways, here’s how I covered my brows (I found this tutorial on Beautylish particularly helpful):

Step 1: Comb brows down, apply Elmer’s glue, comb brows up and apply another layer of glue

Step 2: Apply powder (translucent or otherwise), then another layer of glue

Step 3: More powder, more glue, then step 3 again until brows are flush with the skin

Step 4: Once satisfied with how the brows are flattened, apply concealer. In my case, I didn’t get it to 100% opacity, but had I put on a few more layers, or a thicker, dryer concealer, I probably would have. This level served my purpose so I didn’t want to waste more time.



  • LA Girl Pro Conceal Medium Beige
  • Essence All About Matt translucent powder
  • Urban Decay Perversion liner
  • Essence Mascara
  • Bellapierre 9-stack
  • Makeup Geek Liquid Gold
  • Elmer’s glue (which is non-toxic) – I used the clear version, but if you’d like to know when the glue is dried, get the purple one which dries clear

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