Sonia Kashuk Velvety Matte Lip Crayon ‘Poppy Nude’ | Vibrant Orange-Red

Summertime is the season of bright, bold lips, and recently I have been loving the orange lip, most often in a more matte formula because the upkeep is easier throughout the day. What’s easier than a jumbo pencil? That’s where this product comes in. One of my best friends gave it to me because it seemed to be a very ‘Subita colour’, and she was right!

Price: USD 7.59 (at Target)

Poppy Nude a vibrant orange with a tinge of red-rust. How’s that for a confusing description? Here’s a picture for you to visualize it for yourself!

P1110949This is a lightweight product that goes on with a satin matte finish and then dries down to a fully matte finish. I’ve heard these compared to the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils (US 25.00), in formula, if not in colour but I do not have any experience with those so I couldn’t say for sure. However, if that’s true, then that’s one hell of a savings!

On a particular day, I wore this colour for 5.5 hrs before eating a meal and it looked as fresh as when I first put it on. After eating, the colour faded, but it did so fairly evenly so a reapplication was not urgently needed (and for this particular day of testing, I did not reapply). However, to get it looking sharp again, it would be advisable to touch up after meals. It got slightly drying for me around the 7-8 hr mark, but the remaining colour (that was stained upon my lips) remained until I removed it 13.5 hrs after first applying it.

I’d definitely call this product a success in my books – another win for the matte lip trend. Too bad Target has disappeared from Canada! I’ve got to figure out another way to get my hands on a couple other colours.


SK Poppy Nude + Revlon Audacious in the centre


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