The ‘Greige’ Lip Trend ft. Coloured Raine ‘Soul’

Ever since Lime Crime’s (now the company that shall no longer be named) Velvetine in Cashmere took the world by storm, it seems like everybody is rockin’ the grey/beige/brown lip trend. It’s one step beyond the brown 90s lip and walks the fine line between traditionally ‘wearable’ and ‘unwearable’. For my tan/olive/Indian skin tone, it has been difficult to find such a cool toned colour because often they are too light or make me look sickly. This all changed when I went to NYC recently, and I finally picked up a Coloured Raine Lip Paint in the shade Soul.

Price: USD 16.50; Ricky’s NYC


Soul all over the lips with a purple Inglot lipstick patted onto the inner portion to create the ombre

This is a predominantly grey shade, with a hint of mauve/lavender to make it more flattering. The product itself is a very thin, but opaque, liquid – not mousse-y or goopy. Another bonus is that it has no scent and it is cruelty free and vegan, for those of you that look out for those characteristics.

Wear Test (apologies for the inconsistencies in lighting btw, I was on the go!)

The Claims: “…lip paint dries matte leaving your lips vibrant for hours. Won’t budge a bit unless oil based product is used for removal.”



9:30 -This picture was taken a couple minutes after application, and as you can see, now it is fully dry and matte. I only had to apply 1 coat (only what was on the doe foot applicator) to reach this level of colour. It dries down in 30s but remains slightly tacky. At 1 minute, the tackiness fades and it is fully dry. I kissed my hand and there was no transfer. It feels weightless on my lips at this point.

12:00 – I ate lunch (calamari, my favourite) but didn’t look at myself in a mirror until the next picture. It does not feel dry; to the touch, it does not seem to be flaking or crumbling.


1:30 – It survived lunch! My lips feel dry now but not unbearably so. The colour has faded (not cracked, peeled or disappeared) slightly on the inner portion of the upper lip. Not noticeable from normal viewing distance, only when looked at closely.



3:30 – My  lips now feel hella dry, and I think the lines in them are quite noticeable. To be honest, they’re kinda shriveled. I really don’t want to keep the product on any longer but I’m trying to see how long I can go.



4:00 – I give up; my lips are too dry for be to be comfortable. I add some moisture via Sonia Kashuk’s Roseberry lipstick, which I’ve reviewed here. It’s my go-to everyday MLBB lipstick.

– I can’t remember what time I took this picture, but it must’ve been around 1.5-2 hours after the previous one. This is the aftermath of me eating a hamburger. Both the lip colours have disappeared from my lips, probably due to Roseberry breaking down Soul.


I love this product and I would recommend it to others. Just be sure that your lips are well exfoliated and moisturized prior to using this product. I have dehydrated skin, so the very maximum that it can be worn comfortably is 5.5-6 hours. On somebody else, it could be even longer! I’ve worn it since then, and have noticed that it fades slightly on the inner portion of the lips after meals, but other than that, it stays put. Removal is easy peasy – either an oil or a regular makeup remover will do the trick.

What’s your favourite liquid (to matte) lipstick?


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