Favourite Travel Makeup Bag – Sonia Kashuk Weekender Bag

Once upon a time there was a girl traipsing about the aisles of Target when in the distance, she glimpsed something bright, bold and beautiful. She simply could not do without it because it promised to be unlike any other makeup bag that she had owned. Did it live up to her lofty expectations? Yes. Yes, it did.

Price: US $29.99


I had the Sonia Kashuk Weekender Bag on my wishlist for about 6-8 months prior to purchasing it because I could not give myself a good enough excuse to buy it. I finally caved and purchased it before my month-long vacation in December. I knew I wanted all my products to be organized and in one spot, rather in multiple bags and all over the place. This was the perfect solution! It has also come in very handy in transporting my makeup from where I live at university to when I’m back home with my parents.

P1090806The bag is made from sturdy washable polyester material which is very durable and not prone to staining. The zippers are good quality, and there are multiple pockets and components.

As you can see, the bag is divided into two main components, each with different types of compartments in them.

Also, how gorgeous is the pattern?! I love the warm colours, but some of SK’s new 2015 releases are absolutely stunning as well.


Left Component: on the left side there is a open divider (in which I sometimes store palettes), and on the right are two zippered pouches that stay in place with Velcro. I use those to store lip and eye products.


Right Component: on the left side, there is a large clear zippered section that can store a surprising amount of stuff! I usually store my skincare, face products and other odds and ends there (as you can tell from this pic). The right side has a section in which to store brushes, and a zippered pocket at the top (that is actually the length of the bag) and another large zippered pocket to the side.


This is the large zippered pocket to the side (from the above photo). I usually store my palettes here – 4 in this picture, along with a hairbrush, etc.

Concluding Thoughts

This is a fabulous travel makeup bag, for exactly that – travel. It is not something you can just throw into your purse, but if you’re going away for a few days or longer and want to store all your products in one place, this would be perfect. I especially love the handles, which makes it easy to carry around. As it turns out, I have a s*** ton of makeup because I filled it to capacity once and it weighed 6 pounds!

Back to the point though – it is well worth its price. However, if you don’t have this much makeup to lug around, don’t worry, you can store other items in there as well, such as skincare, accessories, hair products and much more…OR you could check out the rest of Sonia Kashuk’s line of makeup bags to find one to fit your lifestyle/makeup collection. There are so many, and they all look fabulous. I am currently coveting this one…my shopping list for when I visit the US just keeps getting longer and longer (#CanadianProblems).


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