Best 3 Makeup Removers

I have a very minimal skincare routine. I believe the less you fuss with your skin, the better it will be…after all my grandmothers didn’t mess about with 10 products and they looked great! Usually I use just the Equate daily facial cloths for all my makeup removal needs. However there are instances that necessitate the use of multiple products. In those situations, these are my absolute go-to items.

1. Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil Gel: This can also be substituted for olive oil but I prefer the oil gel. I have reviewed it previously when discussing my dehydrated skin saviors. In this case I use it to break down stubborn makeup such as mascara or long lasting lip products (like the Rimmel Provocalips).

2. Bioderma or the Vichy Micellar Water: When I have on a particularly heavy eye makeup I love to use  micellar water to remove majority of the makeup before I move on to the cloths. Both work equally well, but the Vichy micellar water does not leave an aftertaste (when used on the lips), so in that aspect it slightly edges out the Bioderma. However, I’ve only used a travel size of this product so this is not a conclusive statement.

3. Equate Daily Facial Cloths (sensitive skin): Definitely my HG of makeup removing products. Love, love, LOVE. These are dry cloths that when wet with water, foam up slightly. These are perfect for travel! Prior to using these I tried the The Olay brand cloths which stung my eyes. I was converted to these because the lovely emilynoel83 (from Beauty Broadcast) loved ’em so much. These do not sting my eyes, and they are very effective in removing makeup. They’re gentle and do the combined job of cleaning my face and exfoliating. As I have dry skin, this is a must to remove the dry, dead flakes (tmi, I know) and reveal nice, new skin.

Honourable Mention: The Cetaphil Cleanser is a lovely gentle cleanser, and while I don’t use it every time I cleanse my face, I really love it. It cleanses without exfoliating and it does not dry my skin out.

What is your makeup removing routine; any HG products that you can’t live without?


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