Sephora Cream Lip Stain ‘Watermelon Slice’ Review + Wear Test

With summer coming up (hopefully, you never know in a country like Canada, after all we had a snowy Easter) I’m on the hunt for the perfect coral lipstick. I have previously reviewed Maybelline’s Coral Burst lipstick (‘tldr’- didn’t like it) and now I present you with the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 09 Watermelon Slice. I’ve had my eye on this product for a while, and I finally bit the bullet and bought it (mainly for the colour, but also because I wanted to get on board with the matte liquid lipstick trend).



Price: CAD 16.00 (plus tax of course)

The Claim: “A lip stain that provides beautiful, long-lasting color”


Without flash, natural light – Sephora Cream Lip Stain ‘Watermelon Slice’


With flash


The colour is perfection – an almost neon coral; however it is very difficult to apply precisely. It remains very tacky for 1-2 minutes, so whatever you do, do not, press your lips together. Furthermore, it applies slightly streaky, and adding a second coat just worsens the streaky-ness. I will go into more detail about the product and its longevity in the wear test to follow.

Wear Test

This was a make it or break it test. If I didn’t love it by the end of the day, I’d return it.


2:30 pm

2:30 pm: One coat, a minute or two after application. It is still slightly tacky and as you see from the picture above, it does not have 100% opacity. The application is not the most precise, but that’s the best I could (quickly) do with the doe-foot applicator. On the plus side, it does not feel drying on the lips.


6:00 pm

6:00 pm: In the intervening hours, I did some shopping and watched a movie (Cinderella, if you were wondering – that movie is fab-freakin’-tastic! Dreamy Prince Charming that’s for sure). Anyways, back to the point, I only ate some popcorn and drank pop (through a straw), yet look at the state of my lips. The colour has faded significantly, settled into fine lines, and even migrated slightly outside my lipline. I was definitely surprised when I looked in the mirror! It feels slightly drying at this point.

6:30 pm: My lips feel even drier and the lines in my lips are more emphasized.


7:00 pm

7:00 pm: a little more eating has occurred (apple pie, yum) and once again, you can see that the colour is mostly gone (although a stain is left behind). The colour has moved past my lipline, probably due to me touching my lips and then my face, rather than feathering (i think). Lastly, my lips both look and feel dry so I succumb and remove the colour.


Unfortunately, and it makes me so sad to say this, the product is a dud. The colour is stunning, but its longevity, or lack thereof, was sorely disappointing. Since I do not have any other colours in this line, I don’t know if it was because this colour in particular sucks, the formula altogether is not my type, or I just bought a bad batch. When I returned this product, the Sephora consultant seemed to think it might be the latter. I was not in the mood to purchase another one to verify that, so I returned this and bought a Bite Beauty Matte Lip Crayon in the colour ‘Peche’ (check out my other Bite Beauty reviews here and here. Watch out for a review on ‘Peche’ soon…ish! (edit: here’s the review)

The hunt for the perfect coral lipstick continues!


6 thoughts on “Sephora Cream Lip Stain ‘Watermelon Slice’ Review + Wear Test

  1. Siti says:

    I think it’s just the colour! I have one in watermelon slice and bought another in Strawberry Kissed. Watermelon slice was just terrible. I thought i just applied it wrong the first time but when i tried strawberry kissed it was waaay much better! Don’t know what to do with the watermelon slice one now 😦


    • bookaholicbeauty says:

      Damn, that’s unfortunate that you had the same experience. Maybe try mixing it with other liquid lipsticks for a custom colour. What do you think of Strawberry Kissed btw? I’ve kinda got my eye on that too!


  2. Alicia says:

    I own “watermelon slice” and it’s one of the worst liquid lipstick I’ve ever tried. I bought it because I heard Sephora’s formula was to die-for and I was very disappointed with my purchase. I thought maybe my lips were too dry for it to look nice, but I guess it’s just a bad batch!


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