How to Use Rhinestones in a Makeup Look | My FOTDs

I recently went to India (in December) and did a heck of a lot of shopping when I was there. One of the things that I bought the most of was bindis! Seriously though…I bought about 15 packets of them. Not to worry, I am putting them to very good use. Below are some such examples of looks, both simple and more elaborate, that I have created using them. Check out my Instagram (@subitamaria) for details such as the products used in the specific looks.


I was going for mint inspired (eyes, llips, nails, scarf, etc) Indian look, so the placement was pretty minimal.


This was inspired by a look done by @marionchameleon on Instagram. The rhinestones (and the lashes) really made the look, and added some dimension along with the glitter dots.


This was my Valentine’s makeup, and the red rhinestones just added that pop of something ‘special’. I loved it (also twas the first time I was very happy with my winged liner)!


A slightly different take on the previous look. This time a double wing, with one red rhinestone accenting it. It tied in the look with the flower and my dress (both red).


This was a very spur of the moment look – no rhyme or reason to it but I love how it turned out!

By now I’m sure you can tell that I love using bindis/rhinestones, whether as a feature or accent piece. They’re perfect to draw attention to the lips, or to add a little bit of sparkle and shine to a look. Although I bought mine in India, I’m sure they’re available on eBay, at Indian stores (grocery/fabric) or craft stores. Pick some up if you’re feeling experimental!

Would you ever incorporate them into a look, or d’you feel this would be too much for your lifestyle? Let me know your thoughts!


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