Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pencils in ‘Copper Glow’, ‘Sage Gold’ and ‘Emerald Gold’

I  bought these at Target during their liquidation ‘sale’ in Canada a little while ago, but have only got around to reviewing them now. They were 30% off the original price and I’d wanted to try these for about a year (after falling in love with them after swatching). I bought the three that appealed to me the most (although I would have also purchased the black had it still been in stock), because they are still fairly pricy for the drugstore. These have been compared to the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils, and I can see what other reviewers mean.

Price: US $12


T-B (With Flash): Copper Glow, Sage Gold, Emerald Gold

Once these set on the eye, by letting them dry down or smudging them, they stay put until removal. Of course, I always prep my eye with Milani’s Eye Primer so that certainly helps, but I do that no matter what. One thing to keep in mind is that these do not last on my waterline but that’s not a knock against these as nothing does, only Urban Decay’s Perversion liner comes close.

*I’ve also put them on my hand and run them under water and they still didn’t budge! If I want them to last on the waterline, I put UD’s Perversion liner down first and then these. It darkens the colour a little bit, but the reinforcement works quite well.


Without flash, blurred, after smudging: Copper Glow, Sage Gold, Emerald Gold. The sparkles are very visible in this picture, and although the colour faded slightly, it was not by much!

Copper Glow: a coppery-brown shade with little flecks of gold sparkle


It is slightly difficult to make out here, Copper Glow was used to line the full eye, top and bottom.

Sage Gold: An olive green/khaki colour with flecks of gold shimmer. I might be biased, but I think it makes brown eyes ‘pop’.


Sage Gold is used in the inner half of my eye, both on the top and bottom.

Emerald Gold: a stunning, deep green colour, again with flecks of shimmer. It reminds me of Christmas!


Helloooo shiny skin! Anyways, I used it Emerald Gold as a liner on the upper lid and to line the bottom of my eye.

Again, check out my Instagram for more details on the looks!

All in all, I love these eyeliners, they’re pigmented and long lasting and incredibly easy to apply due to their soft texture, so they do not tug on the eyes. Since Target is no longer in Canada, I will only be able to pick these up if I go to the US. If I do, I will certainly get other colours (specifically the black).

What is your HG eyeliner for the waterline? I’m looking for something that is budge-proof and haven’t found it yet!


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