12 Classic Books From Childhood | Must Haves for Kids

As evidenced by the name of this blog – I love to read! I have fond memories of books stemming from childhood, such as my parents reading to me at bedtime or dinner time, or reading during class, recess and after class. Yup, I was only kid in school that my teacher had to complain to my parents about “excessive reading”. It makes me laugh just thinking about it! I believe that the joy of reading should be fostered in every young child, so I’ve put together a list of books (not sure of the age range though) that I loved then, and still love today. If you have a child, or a young person in your life, introduce them to one of these and maybe they’ll fall in love with reading too. Enjoy!

These books are in no particular order, but I did divide them into two categories because I felt that some books were more unisex than others. However, there are no rules, so anybody can read anything they please!

The book titles will be followed by the name of the author.

For Little Ladies

  1. A Little Princess | Frances Hodgson Burnett
  2. The Secret Garden | Frances Hodgson Burnett
  3. Ella Enchanted | Gail Carson Levine
  4. Little Women | Louisa May Alcott
  5. Anne of Green Gables (series) | Lucy Maud Montgomery
  6. Little House on the Prairie (series) | Laura Ingalls Wilder
  7. Heidi | Johanna Spyri

For Little Ladies & Gentlemen

  1. Charlotte’s Web | E. B. White
  2. Hardy Boys (series) | Franklin W. Dixon (pen name)
  3. Nancy Drew (series) | Carolyn Keene (pen name)
  4. The Boxcar Children (series) | Gertrude Chandler Warner
  5. The Chronicles of Narnia (series) | C. S. Lewis

Reading can be an escape from reality for a little while and it teaches things without one knowing that learning is happening. That’s what makes books so special.

What was your favourite book from childhood?

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5 thoughts on “12 Classic Books From Childhood | Must Haves for Kids

  1. Sir Yovin says:

    I tended to read my older sisters’ school books because I always found them more interesting than what I was required to read. My absolute favourite was “The Young Warriors” by V.S. Reid. It’s a fictional story about the coming of age of 5 young Maroon boys during the period of slavery and British rule in Jamaica and the West Indies. The Maroons were runaway slaves who fought the British and led many slave revolts in Jamaica until the institution was eventually abolished. They are still revered in the Caribbean as the symbol for freedom, identity, and post colonial self governance.

    My second favourite will shock you Subs. It was “My Book of Bible Stories” by Watch Tower and Bible Tract Society. My Mom had bought it from a friend of hers who was a Jehovah’s Witness. It was one of the first books I read from start to finish. I loved the vivid and colourful illustrations as well as some of the stories, my favourite being David v Goliath.

    And finally my third favourite book from childhood was an illustrated history book. I don’t remember the title, or the author, but again the illustrations were brilliant. For a children’s book its scope was wide insofar as it covered prehistoric cave dwellers all the way up to modern civilizations.

    I totally agree with you Subs that reading is the ultimate escape for the mind and imagination of a child. I still reminisce about sitting down in a quite place to read my books and letting my imagination take over.


    • bookaholicbeauty says:

      I did the same thing! Must be common amongst younger siblings 😀 I’ve never heard of the first book but it sounds fascinating. It’s interesting to see how cultural/historical stories get interwoven into children’s books which teaches them about it in a subtle way.
      Haha you’re quite right, I’m surprised with the second one! But Bible stories are quite fun (and often quite dramatic too).
      I too loved books with lots of illustrations because until I got old enough to create the movie in my own head, it was nice to have a bit of help. Actually, you speaking of the history book totally reminded me that I loved the Childcraft (ever heard of it?) series of books –there were books of stories, mathematics, art, science, biology, and so much more.
      Thanks so much for the in depth answer Yovin, I love learning about what other people liked when they were kids. It can differ so much from person to person (as you can tell, the majority of mine were strong -but still feminine- female characters).


  2. Sir Yovin says:

    No Subs I had never heard of the Childcraft books until now. And from what I saw after I looked it up online I certainly wished I had those books when growing up. You can bet I’ll be getting them (as well as others in your recommended list) for Matthew. He’s either going to be a rocket scientist or a male stripper. Let’s see how it unfolds.


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