Canadian Beauty: Annabelle Cosmetics Lip Liner Pencils ‘Spice’, ‘Berry Bijou’, ‘Corail’

I can’t be a good Canadian without reviewing at least a couple of Canadian brands/products. And since I’m a good Canadian, I’m going to tell you about some of my favourite lip liners by the Canadian brand Annabelle. I used to think NYX was the bomb dot com in regards to liners but I have been converted.

Price: CAD 5.95 (Walmart and other Canadian retailers; price may vary)


T-B: Spice, Berry Bijou, Corail

Currently I own 3 liners from Annabelle – Spice, Berry Bijou and Corail. The three are very pigmented and smooth, and they go on without tugging/pulling on the lips. One note about them is that they have to be sharpened as they are not twist up. To be honest, I prefer this as it’s more hygienic (if I use it on friends) and I can get a fine, sharp point. I love the formulation of these as they are not (too) drying which is perfect because I’m permanently dehydrated!


L-R: Spice, Berry Bijou, Corail

Spice: My favourite of the three is Spice since it’s the perfect my lips but better nude. Its a brownish nude with a peachy undertone and it’s absolutely perfect to wear under a gloss or (any) lipstick. I would call this a close dupe for Mac’s Spice lip liner.

Berry Bijou: This is a berry-purply colour with a metallic sheen. There are no obvious glitter particles but it is a metallic liner. However it does not disrupt the look of lipsticks worn over it. I really like it!

Corail: My newest shade, and perfect for spring. It is a vibrant coral shade, but be careful because it can emphasize dry lips if they are not exfoliated properly. I think this is due to be a lighter colour though, not because the texture is any different to the other two.


L-R: Spice, Berry Bijou, Corail; After rubbing, it smudged but quite a bit of colour is left behind. These are fairly long-lasting.


‘Berry Bijou’ + Rimmel Apocalips in ‘Comet’


‘Spice’ all over the lips


5 thoughts on “Canadian Beauty: Annabelle Cosmetics Lip Liner Pencils ‘Spice’, ‘Berry Bijou’, ‘Corail’

  1. howdoesdeedoit says:

    Heeey fellow Canadian here ๐Ÿ™‚ I love Annabelles lip liners too. Spice looks b e a utiful ! I’ll hafta check it out. Ty ๐Ÿ™‚


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