Makeup Forever Flash Palette DUPE! (eBay imagic palette)

As a beauty obsessed broke a** student, I definitely can’t afford to pay CAD 105.00 for the Makeup Forever Flash Palette…but I still wanted it! One day I stumbled upon a solution either on Instagram or on one of my Googling fixes.

P1090164Price + Shipping

This is the ‘imagic’ palette that I purchased on eBay for about CAD 18.00, but it can be found for less. This palette shipped from Hong Kong, and took about a month or just over that to ship to Canada (but shipping was free), so I had to be very, very patient!

Colours + Pigmentation


Top-Bottom: Brown, Yellow, Fuchsia, Turquoise, Coral, Gold


Top-Bottom: Black, Leaf Green, Bright Blue, Red, White, Silver

The colours are identical to the MUFE palette, however the pigmentation on the two metallic shades (particularly the gold one) is slightly less than the original version. That’s not a problem for me though, as the price makes it worth it. Interestingly, the ingredients are the same…but that could be just the seller bulls***ing us on the label. Again, I don’t really care – I just know it’ll help me out with my creative looks!P1090188


Holimolioli this was a whole lotta colour on my face. I did not have to work hard (at all) to get it to show up or blend. The first day I got this in the mail, I used it over primer and eyeshadow as a red eyeliner, and it smudged because (as a greasepaint) it never fully sets, so I put some translucent powder to combat this and it helped. The next day, I did a full face of creative makeup and it performed beautifully, however upon removal, the red in particular left a slight stain. Not to worry though, it disappeared relatively quickly (within a day).

Would I Recommend?

Heck yes. It’s fabulously pigmented and is a dream for those who like to experiment with makeup and editorial, avant-garde looks (like this one of mine). However, if that’s not you, you probably won’t get much use out of this. So, it’s amazing if it fits your needs (and the price can’t really be beat)!

Potential Sellers (as of posting time, these sellers still had these items in stock)

*I have used TinyURL because the full length was a bit too long to post! || ||


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