Makeup Geek Matte Eyeshadows ‘Chickadee’, ‘Cocoa Bear’, ‘Unexpected’, ‘Bitten’, ‘Corrupt’

Matte eyeshadows seem to be a new trend lately–with notable offerings from Nyx, Sonia Kashuk, Melt Cosmetics, Viseart and many more. This post will take you through some of my favourites matte eyeshadows. These are drugstore prices but a tad bit more special.


I like to call these neutrals…with a twist!

The Price: USD 5.99 at

Chickadee & Cocoa Bear (Warm Tones)


L: Chickadee; R: Cocoa Bear

Chickadee is yellow-orange that on me leans a bit more orange. Its a fabulous blending colour, and that is what I use it for most often. However, it looks great on the lid as well. It’s perfect for ‘warming’ up a look without darkening it up or making it look muddy.


T: Chickadee; B: Cocoa Bear

Cocoa Bear is a must-have neutral. No I’m not just believing the hype, but especially on my skin tone, it is the perfect darkening transition colour! It is a very warm reddish brown, highly pigmented and easy to blend.

Unexpected & Bitten (Cool Tones)


L: Unexpected; R: Bitten

Unexpected is a surprisingly beautiful neutral shade. It’s a dusty purply-mauve colour that creates a natural shadow in the crease (or on the face, if used to contour in more colourful looks).


T: Unexpected; B: Bitten

Bitten is not as pigmented as the rest of the shadows (especially in the swatch) however it does transfer relatively well onto the eye. It is a dark maroon colour and is beautiful in the crease or outer-v.

Corrupt (Blackest Black ever!)





Don’t worry, I’ll wait while you pick your jaw up off the ground. I know, this is spectacular. Isn’t it the most amazingly pigmented, dark as hell black eyeshadow you’ve ever seen? And that is with one swipe. Let me repeat that, one swipe! Colour me impressed. In the pan it has a slightly gritty texture but that does not transfer onto the eyes. It is smooth and gives off a lot of colour and I’ve used it as a liner and to create a smokey eye. On the website it states that it has minute shimmer particles but I can’t see any.

Dupe Alert!


Encircled: ‘Maple’ from Sleek Ultra Matt V2 Palette


L: MUG Cocoa Bear; M: MUG Bitten; R: Sleek Maple

One MUG eyeshadow is pretty inexpensive at 5.99 so I don’t think this is necessarily a cheaper dupe since this palette retails for 11.99 (but you do get 12 shades). However if you already have this palette but were still craving Bitten, you don’t have to buy it because you already have the colour. Maple is a spot on dupe for Bitten (if maybe a hair brighter), and dare I say it…it is actually more pigmented. I do love this palette though, and will be reviewing it soon!

Shipping to Canada + Packaging

I paid about 6-8 bucks for shipping; can’t remember the exact amount now correctly, and they came within a reasonable amount of time. I did not have to pay any extra duties (for crossing the border) and they came very carefully wrapped. Lots and lots of bubble wrap etc, so nothing was damaged. All in all a big thumbs up for the packaging and the shipping and the quality of the company as a whole. Are you into the whole matte-eyeshadow, 90s revival trend that’s going on right now?


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