Canadian Beauty: Bite Beauty Lipsticks ‘Palomino’ & ‘Violet’, ‘Scarlet’ & ‘Poppy’, ‘Tangerine’ & ‘Lingonberry’

Spoiler alert: these lipsticks are awesome and I love them all! However, what I love even more about them is that they are a Canadian (Torontonian) brand. So please BB, grace us with a Lip Lab!

Now on to the reasoning behind this conclusion. I’m not a fan of spending an exorbitant amount on a lipstick (my student debts make me feel guilty about that), therefore when I’m able to try a higher end lipstick (or 2 in this case) for a reasonable price, it definitely makes my day.


Small enough to fit in the palm of my hand.

These are Bite Beauty’s Luminous Cream Finish dual ended lipsticks that retail at Sephora for CAD 15.00. Consequently, they come out to drugstore prices (7.50 bucks each) albeit in a much smaller amount. I have no qualms about this as I have so many lipsticks that I’ll probably never get to finish one anyway! The amount of product in each lipstick is 0.05oz/side = 0.10oz total. A full size lipstick is 0.15oz/tube (and retails for CAD 28.00).

P1080742The lipsticks are highly pigmented, creamy, long-wearing and very comfortable on the lips. I do put on a lip balm underneath (Lypsyl) as I have very dry lips but then I’m good to go. They do not smear or feather and they have a lovely natural sheen to them. Yes, I know this sounds too good to be true, but I’ve found that as long as my lips are well exfoliated and taken care of, these lipsticks look and feel awesome!

Violet & Palomino


L: Violet; R: Palomino


Top: Violet; Bottom: Palomino

Violet is a purple-pink mix that on paler skins looks more purple, but on my tan skin looks like a very cool toned pink (with a purple tinge). Palomino is a hot, bright and bold pink. Both are lovely and stain the lips so that once the first shine fades, the colour still remains. I have had these lipsticks on all day, and they lasted through drinks and meals!

Bite Violet

Featuring: Bite Beauty Violet

Bite Palomino

Featuring: Bite Beauty Palomino


Lingonberry & Tangerine


L: Lingonberry; R: Tangerine


Top: Lingonberry; Botton: Tangerine

Tangerine is a orangey-coral lipstick. It is hella bright, bordering on neon on my skin but gosh darn it brightens the heck out of my day! Make sure your lips are exfoliated and smooth as this colour emphasizes dry flakes if there are any.

Now you must have noticed that within the above two lipstick duos there are three that can be classified as being in the ‘pink’ category. If you’re wondering how they compare, look no further ’cause I can tell you!


Top: Violet; Middle: Palomino; Bottom: Lingonberry

Lingonberry is like a cross between Violet and Palomino – It’s warmer than Violet but cooler than Palomino. It’s a bright pink with a hint of purple. Mixed with Tangerine, the two make a fantastic ombre lip.

Poppy & Scarlet


L: Poppy; R: Scarlet


Top: Scarlet; Bottom: Poppy

Bite Scarlet

Featuring: Bite Beauty Scarlet

Scarlet is the perfect sexy, vampy shade for fall and winter, however it does not look nearly as scary on the lips as it does in the tube! It’s a dark burgundy red with a lovely sheen that makes it very wearable for day or night. Again, lips must be exfoliated and moisturized otherwise this goes on patchy.

Bite Poppy

Featuring: Bite Beauty Poppy

Poppy is a true neutral red (might be the teeeensiest bit warm) that’s perfect for my skin tone and undertones because most other reds lean a bit pink on me (probably due to being very blue-based). A girl can never have too many red lipsticks!

Since I’m basically a lipstick whore, having the luxury of using higher end lipsticks but not breaking my piggy bank makes me very happy. If you’re similar to me, or new to the brand, then the dual ended lipsticks might be a good way for you to try out the colours! However if you’re a one colour kinda gal, then the splurge for a full size would be totally worth it to me.

What’s your favourite brand of lipstick? And if you’ve tried Bite Beauty before, what colour would you recommend for me to try out?


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