Review: Makeup Geek Pigments (Utopia & Liquid Gold)

I am in love.

Ok, admittedly it’s not with a guy, rather it is with these two amazing, beautiful, fairy dust thingamabobs called the Makeup Geek pigments. Honestly, if you’re trying any pigments from Makeup Geek, you should try these two.


Liquid Gold (Top), Utopia (Bottom)

Price: USD 6.99

The Packaging:

  • Liquid Gold came without a sifter, so I bought the 4 hole sifter separately from the site. Still, it is not my favourite since, as can be seen below, the container gets very messy due to too much product coming out of the 4 holes. This is the old packaging; the new one has one hole, however it poses its own problems.
  • Utopia came with the new packaging – a sifter with one hole, however due to the nature of the product (chunkier, glitter-type) nothing was coming out of the hole. So I removed that and added an old-style 4 hole sifter instead.
  • I would recommend that finer pigments use the 1 hole sifter, while the chunkier ones use the 4 hole sifter.

Liquid Gold


Liquid Gold

  • a pure metallic gold, that leans a it green. It’s kinda like a lime-gold.
  • Ultra pigmented, both wet and dry
  • using it wet gives it a more metallic, reflective finish

A dramatic liner look incorporating Liquid Gold


It’s the pop of brightness in this Steampunk inspired look




  • an antiqued bronze/gold colour; difficult to describe
  • more of a glitter than a fine pigment
  • almost chunky consistency
  • needs to be carefully patted into place, or mixed with a medium to ensure no fallout throughout the wear time

This somewhat captures the multi-dimensional glitter that so beautifully catches the light


Utopia – Used as a lip product (patted over a brown lip liner)


Utopia is the star of this halo look

Overall Thoughts

If you couldn’t tell by now, I love both these products. While Utopia may require a little more effort to use, it is so very worth it. Both these pigments ensure stunning looks and can be used in a multitude of ways. Furthermore, the containers contain such a large amount for a fantastic price! These are Mac quality (or better) for a fraction of the price. I have my eye on the Vegas Lights pigment now – I want that copper goodness on my eyelids!

Check out these pigments or the rest of Marlena’s (Makeup Geek’s) line and let me know what you think. I’m sure you’ll find something to love, as I did.


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