Rimmel Provocalips ‘Little Minx’ & ‘Kiss Me You Fool’ Swatches


Rimmel Provocalips in ‘Kiss Me You Fool’ and ‘Little Minx’

I’ve previously done a review on the shade ‘Heartbreaker‘ in this Provocalips line. If you haven’t read it, I’ll link to it here because it goes through price details, claims, as well as a wear test with pictures! Everything I stated there applies to these colours as well. As a little spoiler, this line of lip products gets two thumbs up from me.


T: Little Minx; B: Kiss Me You Fool — Swatches are true to life — This was right after application, so there’s still the liquidy sheen, but they dry down to a semi-matte finish

310 Little Minx: a mid-tone, bright and bold pink.

500 Kiss Me You Fool: a gorgeous red colour, that leans a bit warm (on the orangier side of life, rather than blue).

These colours are perfect for any time of the year, after all, there are no rules in makeup, but especially for spring and summer!


After vigorous rubbing under water; no difference


After scrubbing away with both soap and water…still no difference! Only oil can break these down.

Will you be trying this line of products, or L’Oreal’s new, similar offering?


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