Review: Smoky Poppy Eau de Toilette by The Body Shop

P1080506Fragrances are very pesky things because no matter how much people espouse their qualities, one never knows if they’ll like it unless they sniff it themselves. However, I’ll try my best to convey this scent and why it speaks to me.
It’s difficult to find scents that I like because I’m very discerning/particular in my tastes; but this does not mean that they have to be expensive. I usually like a particular type of scent – the “woodsy floral” because it seems very ‘me’. I had previously found that in The Body Shop’s Moroccan Rose Eau de Toilette (I loved that) and Avon’s Seductions. But like all good things, they came to an end. But fret no more, I’ve finally I’ve found another one that speaks to me – Smoky Poppy by The Body Shop (30 ml).


It’s a pretty small bottle as you can see!

This is a limited edition collection meant for Valentine’s Day 2015 and it contains the extract from hand-picked poppies from Ankara, Turkey. I find that it fades after 4-5 hours but can still be smelt at the pulse points at the end of the day.
According to The Body Shop it contains:

  • sultry spices
  • elegant florals
  • earthy woody notes

According to the poppy symbolizes “love and fertility as well as goddess Demeter” which I’m sure is going to come in really handy as I spend Valentine’s Day as a single lady eating a box of chocolates. I kid, I kid, this scent is awesome no matter what, so you lovebirds go and enjoy the day!


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