Hello World! Welcome and make yourself at home!

Well, I’ve finally taken the plunge. After a year or more, I said to hell with the dilly-dallying, I’m going to start a blog. Now the fact that I created it during my fourth year seminar is probably not a fact to broadcast, but what can I say…I was bored.

Let me back track a little – my name is Subita and the name of my blog came about through a collision of words and parts of my personality. I am:

  • a bookworm (from birth)
  • a shopaholic
  • a beauty obsessed nut

However, I don’t want to pigeonhole myself into just these topics. I also like to travel, so if I get the opportunity to do so again, I’ll write about it. Basically, I’ll write about whatever catches my fancy, with a focus on more beauty related posts.

Now here’s a little bit of background information on me. I’m Indo-Canadian – I was born in Goa and moved to Canada at the age of 8. Now I’ve grown up a little…in age, if not in height, and I’m in my fourth year, and final semester of university.

That's me! Plus an emu or two of course.

That’s me! Plus an emu or two of course.

I sincerely hope you enjoy and share my blog. Thank you for reading!


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